Ride in tram Alexander

I decided the railway needed a really powerful locomotive, so designed a ride in tram engine, powered by Ride on Railways power bogies. The chassis was constructed from 25mm angle iron bolted to form a very strong and rigid frame.
I added foot boards along the whole length of the 1400mm chassis. The outer wheels of the bogies were 1075mm apart which just allows the tram to fit on my turntable.
I built the body from 9mm exterior grade plywood. The seat for the driver covered the batteries and controller, and both it and the passenger seat were designed to just lift on and off for easy access.
The front panel was fitted with a wonderful tram style brass control box from Ride on Railways, a battery voltmeter and a switch for the 12V headlight. Just beneath the control box I was able to fit in a brass bell.
I fitted a pair of 085 batteries and a 4QD Pro-120 24V controller, the same arrangement as in the Y6 Trojan tram. However with each of the 4 axles separately powered for 8 wheel drive and with the extra weight of a driver and passenger on board, the ride in tram has immense pulling power and does not suffer from the wheelspin of the 2 axle Trojan.
The chassis was painted with 2 coats of Hammerite direct to Rust Satin Black. The seats and interior woodwork received 3 coats of Homebase Satin Teak Woodstain. The exterior woodwork was painted with 2 coats of Homebase Weathercoat Dark Grey Undercoat, followed by 4 coats of specially mixed Dulux Weathershield Satin Salsa Melt 2. The finishing touches were lining the panels with Maxplus A2-3205 Gold Striping Tape (normally used on cars) and adding a pair of "Alexander" name plates supplied by Maxitrak.
My younger son, Alexander, drove the tram on its inaugural run. Despite being only 1400mm long, the design allows two medium sized adults (or an adult and two children!) to ride in comfort.
The tram was designed with as low a centre of gravity as possible with the footboards just 25mm above the rail tops. In hindsight a little more clearance would have been helpful since the tram was very occasionally just brushing the track edging on uneven sections. On a positive note this has forced me to do some thorough track maintainance to alleviate this.