Little red caboose

My son is a big fan of the "little red caboose" and wanted one to ride behind the train. I had bought and assembled a pair of sprung 4 wheel chassis from Ride on Railways and decided to use one for the caboose. Normally I draw out detailed plans of new rolling stock before starting construction, but this time I decided on a more ad hoc approach. I bought an inexpensive Bachmann G scale caboose on ebay to use as a model, and regauged it to 32mm so that it could run on my other smaller railway. I cut out the floor from 9mm plywood and tapped 6mm holes in the chassis so that the floor could be bolted to this. This approach makes it easy to change bodies on the chassis if I make others later.
The body was made of 8mm plywood. The size of the body was determined by the size of the offcuts I had lying around - just as well I wasn't following a strict plan! I cut window and door holes with a jigsaw, and then glued and nailed the sides to the ends.
The roof was made from 21mm x 9mm stipwood. As well as looking more realistic than a plywood sheet, it is much easier to fit around the end curves. I left a hole in the middle of the roof for the lookout which was built from 25mm x 12mm stripwood. The window frames were made from 13mm L shaped wood. I used two pieces of 20mm angle iron with bolts to join the whole structure to the floor. This ensured that the sides were absolutely square, and also allowed for easy removal for painting and interior access.
The caboose was painted with two coats of white undercoat.
The body was given two coats of Homebase quick drying classic red gloss. The roof and floor received two coats of International satin black.
The little red caboose is approximately to 1:6 scale and looks just right behind my narrow gauge locos Maverick and Dixie. And naturally, it always comes last ...