I.P.Engineering Lister locomotive

I bought an I.P.Engineering Lister locomotive kit at the 16mm Narrow Gauge Association exhibition in April 2003 for two reasons - I wanted a small simple kit to spur me on to restarting my 16mm railway, and a 3D reference for a 5 inch gauge Lister I was designing to run on the Corris Hill Railway. The kit consisted of a presoldered brass frame, whitemetal fittings, a single axle driven chassis, two AA battery holders and an forward / off / reverse switch.
I assembled the kit using Araldite epoxy. It went together quickly and easily. The chassis and electrics were not fixed in place until after the locomotive was painted.
The locomotive was give three coats of Halfords grey car primer and left to dry for a few days.
One tip - I made the mistake of glueing the weights at either end a couple of millimetres too close to the chassis. This meant that the wheels barely cleared the batteries when they were inserted. You can see in the picture above that the inside of the weights are within the side frames, when in fact they should line up with the end of these.
The Lister received a couple of top coats of Halfords Vauxhall jade which is fairly close to Lister's mid Brunswick green. Various parts were picked out in red, black and brass enamel paints. Performance of the locomotive is reasonable, and it will haul a half dozen skip wagons with ease. Anything more causes wheel slip, something which could be reduced if the chassis had both axles driven. However since the prototype could only manage a few skips this isn't much of an issue.
This is a photo of the real thing, number 8022, taken at the Lister Tyndale Rally in June 2003. I think the model captures the essence of this diesel engined version very nicely.