The first C.M.G.R.

Several people have asked what came before the Corris Hill Railway. The answer is the C.M.G.R. which was a 16mm scale narrow gauge railway consisting of nothing more than a small oval of 32mm gauge track in the back garden of our last house. Pride of the line was a Roundhouse Millie gas fired steam engine, named "Christina".
"Christina" was a very simple little engine with slip eccentric valve gear, but performed extremely well. Here she is pausing with the line's main rolling stock, all made from Brandbright kits.
"Christina" was very adept at clearing snow with a full head of steam at the ready.
With deeper snow she would reverse up and charge at the drifts, advancing a few feet at a time.
I purchased a second hand Fendyke Orenstein & Koppel diesel locomotive which would run all afternoon with her three skips on a pair of AA rechargable batteries.
The track was Peco SM32 laid on a bed of 5mm sharp stone, here running past the two small fish ponds.
Engine number 3 was a Perfect World woodpecker tram kit, here hauling a goods train.
A view of almost the entire railway. The tram was just able to pull the two coaches, open and box wagons. Oh... and the name of the railway? It only ever had half a name. My initials are C.M.G.R. and the last two were for Garden Railway, but I never could decide on the C and M !