Honey Badger petrol electric loco

Honey Badger arrived at Corris Hill in January 2008. She is rather unusual since she is a petrol electic loco, and was built by Keith Pearson in Wales.
At around 36 inches long and 15 inches high she dwarfs all the other engines on the line.
She is powered by a 4hp Honda CG135 4 stoke petrol engine. This drives a generator which provides power to the 2 large wheelchair motors. These are connected to the axles via chains.
Running her is a very different experience from battery powered locos. The lever on the right controls the throttle on the Honda engine, and hence the power to the generator. Two small 12V batteries which provide the 24V to excite the generator. The lever on the left is a resistance control for the voltage taken from the generator which is applied to the motors. The black button is a loud horn. In trials so far she is proving to be an extremely powerful and controllable loco. Contolling her speed and pulling power through the throttle and resistance control is as close as I will probably ever get to driving a larger diesel electric loco.