Maxitrak open bogie wagon

The first piece of rolling stock that I constructed was an open bogie wagon kit purchased from Maxitrak. The kit was well machined and was put together over a weekend with no problems. It has partially sprung plate frame bogies which give a good ride.
The woodwork was brush painted with 3 coats of Homebase quick drying teak satin wood stain.
The metalwork was covered with anti rust primer and matt black paint. After over a year of use the wagon still looks like new.
The wagon has been very reliable and never derails. I made 3 removable wooden seats for it. I find that the open wagon has two main advantages over a closed coach. Firstly it can carry spare coal and water (and large sackfuls of leaves to the bonfire in autumn!). Secondly adults can sit on it with feet on the foot rests, whilst up to 3 children can be safely carried inside it with hands and feet well away from the track.
For the ultimate in comfort, I have added a removable padded seat from a ride on mower!
After a year's use I noticed that the plate frame bogies were starting to bend a little. I contacted Maxitrak who thought that the plates may have come from a batch of substandard steel, and replaced them promptly free of charge, continuing the excellent service I have received from them.