Maxitrak aluminium point kit construction

I needed one point (turnout) for the balloon loop, and built this from a Maxitrak 20 feet nominal radius aluminium point kit. I wanted the actual radius to be identical to my curved track panels, and built the kit up in a different order to that given in the instructions. I put a section of straight track panel onto a large piece of cardboard, and drew the outline of the rails and sleepers. I then carefully lined up a curved panel drew the outline for this.
Using the railbender, the rails were curved to the required radius using the template as a guide. The frog was positioned on the template over the rail crossing and aligned on its sleepers. The rest of the point parts were then laid around this on the template. The screw holes to fix the rails onto the sleepers were marked on the rail flat bottoms, and these drilled out to 4mm. The holes for the fishplates were drilled in the rail ends.
The sleepers were cut to length using a mitre saw. Using a pair of 5 inch track gauges, the rails were carefully repositioned, and the fixing holes marked and drilled out on the sleepers. The rails and sleepers were attached using the screws and nuts provided and secured with Locktite. A few of the sleepers had tags which were hammered onto the rails. The check rails and finally the tie bar were marked out and fitted to complete the point.
The point took a whole day to construct, and the locomotives and wagons run very freely through it.
I have a point lever that looks and operates just like the prototype.
I have set up the weighting so that the point is always left set in the straight through direction, even if a train enters from the curve (though in this picture it is shown set to the curve!).