Ride in Guard's Van

In the Spring of 2009 I decided to see if it was possible to build a stable tiny ride in van. I used a Ride on Railways 4 wheel chassis and added longer angle iron at either end to support the foot rests. The chassis is just 52cm long.
I built the body from 9mm plywood. The body was 52cm wide. A fair amount of experimentation was needed to work out the seat height and depth so that I could just fit in the van.
The roof supports were 21mm square section timber 120cm tall. The seat lid was removable to provide a storage space and battery compartment for the lights.
The roof was designed to just slot onto the supports and consisted of a square frame covered with narrow slats of stripwood. The roof curvature was a 100cm radius which looked right.
I fitted a small light inside the roof to give the guard some light on night runs.
The finished van was surprisingly comfortable and stable for a child passenger, though rather less so for an adult. The chassis really would have been better another 20cm longer.
As this was a guards van I fitted a red light on the rear panel. The Maxitrak Ruston does look rather tiny compared to the van.
The paints used were Homebase Weathercoat exterior high gloss Oxford blue and magnolia. The seat, floor and foot rests were brush painted with 3 coats of teak satin wood stain, and the chassis sprayed with Halfords satin black.