Snowplough for a Maxitrak Ruston

As I wanted to run trains year round, I decided to build a snowplough to fit on the Ruston. This was constructed from 9mm plywood. Each side started as a 38cm by 32.5cm rectangle. On each, one of the shorter edges was cut at a 45° angle with a jigsaw for the centre join. Two triangles were then cut off a longer and shorter edge to give the snowplough blade shape.
Internal bracing was provided by square section 21mm timber along the joining edges, and a triangular piece of 9mm plywood parallel to the ground which fitted onto the Ruston's front buffer block. This was positioned so that the bottom of the snowplough blades were about 1cm above the rail tops. A 6mm hole was drilled in this to allow the snowplough to be firmly attached to the Ruston by a bolt through the coupling pin hole secured with a wing nut.
The whole thing was rubbed down and then brush painted with wood undercoat and matt black paint. This was left to dry for a week. Diagonal stripes were marked out with 38mm wide masking tape. To keep these parallel and evenly spaced, I cut a 38mm wide strip of thin cardboard and put this against the edge of the first tape stripe to allow for the positioning of the next stripe and so on.
The front was sprayed with 5 coats of bright yellow enamel paint. While this was still slightly tacky the masking tape was removed. Once dry the front was sprayed with a coat of varnish prevent any mixing of the yellow and black paint, and then finally the whole snowpough was brush varnished with yacht varnish.
On trial runs the snowplough stays firmly attached. When we finally got some snow, the snowplough performed its job very well.