Winter tour of the railway

The Corris Hill Railway is fully equipped to operate in any weather. Here we take a trip along the line in the company of "Maverick" the Ruston complete with snowplough. Our journey starts with "Maverick" on the turntable on a cold winter's day.
The Ride on Railways bogie wagon is coupled up, and "Maverick" waits for her driver outside the engine shed at the start of the line.
Leaving the station, the line bears left into the paddock up a slight rise.
The highest point on the line is a short distance along. Here we see a cab view as we enter the small orchard of apple and plum trees. The line then bears right onto the straight.
The snow is cleared along the 60 metre straight run downhill, past the point, to the long right hand curve by the bonfire.
With the driver back on board, "Maverick" continues downhill around the loop.
The lowest point on the line is just before the bridge.
"Maverick" pauses at the bridge for a view up the paddock. From here its a slow 1 in 80 climb in the snow back up to the point.
At the point, "Maverick" reverses back down the straight so that she can get a good run up the rise on the icy rails.
She is ready for the off, and able to negotiate her way back on the cleared rails with ease.
The engine shed is reached, and "Maverick" pauses on the turntable before returning inside.