Track plan and loop gradient

The railway has been built in 3 phases using my standard straight and curved track panels. Phase 1 completed in 2001 consists of a 95 metre end to end line. Phase 2 constructed in 2002 added a balloon loop at one end and a turntable and storage tracks in the engine shed at the other. Phase 3 completed in 2006 added a ballon loop at the shed end to give a continuous run. The plans are available as both TurboCAD and .gif files.

The majority of the track laid in phase 1 is on the level or a slight slope of less than 1 in 50. The loop in phase 2 however passes over a fairly steep dip of more than 1 in 20 for a short period, and so the route was surveyed and a gradient profile produced. From this I found that it was possible to reduce the maximum gradient to 1 in 80 with a small amount of cut and fill.