Loco trolley

The locos weigh around 30kg. As I wanted to move them from the line to the garage for maintenance and didn't fancy carrying them any further than necessary, I designed a small loco trolley. The plans are available as both TurboCAD and .gif files. It has a deck of 9mm plywood with 20mm angle iron the 5 inch track gauge apart.
The axle supports are made of 25mm by 50mm timber. The rear support is fixed and the front pivots at its centre.
The axles are made of 13mm diameter steel rod turned to length on a lathe and drilled through with a 6mm mounting hole. The axleboxes are 25mm square section steel with the axles secured firmly in place with a 6mm bolt with the nuts loctited on. The 8 inch wheels are golf trolley wheels from Machine Mart.
I will put in a ramp from the line so that the locos can be wheeled directly onto the trolley. The locos are secured with a long 6mm rod through the rear buffer coupling hole and the trolley deck. A piece of strong string tied to the front axleboxes is used to pull the trolley along.